Taif Rose Farm Tour and More

Having booked for the Taif Roses Season Tour after seeing it advertised in the Destination Jeddah magazine, we thought there would be quite a few going.  It turned out that … Continue Reading →


Traditional Handicrafts Souq Tour

Had a lovely morning at the Traditional Handicrafts Souq. A number of us ladies, went on the compound bus, to meet up with our tour guide Bander, from Nomad Arabian … Continue Reading →

Easter Party in the Compound at Jeddah

Today management provided the Annual Easter Party for all the children in the compound.  A sausage sizzle, pizza, chips and drinks were provided. Many of the Mums had worked very … Continue Reading →

My First Ever Quilting Class – Paper Piecing/Curved Piecing

Recently I have got very interested in doing Fabric Art using all sorts of media.  Of course I had to pick something that was tricky to start with didn’t I. … Continue Reading →

Cost of Living between Perth and Jeddah

The cost of living here is considerably lower than WA.  For instance last night we decided to have a drumstick from the compound store. I was surprised that it only … Continue Reading →

Annual Quilt Show & Artisan Fair

Chris and I volunteered to help out at the Quilt Show.  We got in the taxi armed with a map, again with someone who didn’t speak english.  Fortunately Chris knew … Continue Reading →