Arts & Crafts on the Compound


Arts & Crafts

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Living life as an expat is all about GRATITUDE and ATTITUDE . You have to embrace and accept  where you are not fight it and find fault with everything. The key to remember is why you are here. Usually it is for the money to enable the future to be more secure.  Some people it is for the travel. Whatever it is you need a goal to look to. I feel very privileged to be here. To have the opportunity to grow and learn about the culture, meet other people and enjoy new experiences and travel.   I find it difficult to cope with people who constantly put down or complain about their life here. It is very draining and not uplifting at all. I tend to avoid such people. Life is too short. My life purpose is to uplift and help those who are in genuine need.

Arts & Crafts

Time is flying by here on our Compound. Some weeks you wonder where the time goes. What with bus trips to and fro to the Malls and Souks.

and then

Arts and Crafts

Our compound has a lot of young woman with small children. It can be very hard for young mums without their extended family. Expat life in a compound can seem very daunting to new comers. They can get overwhelmed with everything. I wanted to do something to help them. So I decided to set up an Arts and Crafts morning to allow them to get together to form friendships and chat while doing projects. I asked my friend Chris if she would like to help. She has a wealth of information and skill in Art quilts and sewing. Chris has also done teaching.


Together we have created a place for women to teach, share and learn new skills with their Arts and Crafts. We have a lovely group of women that come along. They are all positive and happy in disposition. All different nationalities. Some come every week, others a few times depending on what is going on in their lives and on the compound. There is always something going on somewhere for those that want to go.Some of the women bring in their own Arts & Crafts projects that they are working on. Some come from other compounds, where they have felt lonely and in need of company. Then there are some that come for a cuppa, cake and a chat. So we like to think that the girls can drop in even if they don’t like arts and crafts. Its like being in a family. We all support each other.

Doing things with your hands is very rewarding. It also gives one a sense of achievement and is very therapeutic. It helps us to relax. Arts and Crafts also gets the grey matter working.

Some of the ladies have been wonderful at sharing their skills with the other women. One lady in particular is very experienced at crochet. She has taught many of the girls to crochet. Another has taught some how to knit. Chris has taught her skills in Art Quilting, felting …  Another lady has showed us how to weave. Since being here I have taken advantage of the fact that I am not able to work. I have been sharing some of my skills as well as learning new Arts and Crafts. Felting, quilting, paper-crafts, origami, weaving.

The girls have done some wonderful work. It is so lovely to see the smile on their faces when they have completed a project.

A special thanks to Mr Shukri for his support with Coffee,Tea, Milk and water and the use of the Club House.
I especially want to thank Chris for her support and friendship. She has taught me a lot.

Here is a snapshot of some of the beautiful work the women have done.


Arts & Crafts



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