Quilting Meeting – Stick and Bitch

Last Sunday I went with Chris my friend from the compound to my first quilting meeting.  We caught a taxi, finally after 2 failed attempts. They could not read a map nor did they know where we were going.  We arrived at a very large home complete with a pet tortoise. 

Esmeralda the tortouise

Quilting is something that I have always wanted to get into.  Chris has a technique which I really like.  She does Stick and Bitch.  What is that you may ask.  Well she gets photographs and does art quilts using colours to match the scene.  She then sticks it all together like a jigsaw.  Very creative and individual.  She has made some lovely quilts.  Here is one of them.  I really like the idea as you don’t have to be really accurate in stitching lines.

chris quilt

The women here are very talented.  They had a show and tell, bringing out all sorts of beautiful work.  Having so many nationalities here is great for creativity.  One of the girls did a beautiful quilt with 3 dimensional origami fabric flowers. Some things have taken them a long time to do, and it shows they are stunning.  Next month they are having an exhibition which will be wonderful to see. Here are some photo’s of some of their works of art.


Quilt             quilt 1          quilt tree of life



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