2 Valentine Events in one week!!!

Lady 1

Valentine Coffee Morning

Have been rather busy with helping to organise the Valentine morning coffee.  

Chris, Claudia and myself have been busy hunting down and arranging the following:

  • fabric to cut out hearts for the tables
  • green lipsticks that change colour to match your colouring
  • jewel looking hearts to put on each women
  • badge pins to put on the sequin hearts to hold them in place
  • the venue to hold the event
  • the menu
  • props for the venue 
  • cakes to be made
  • gifts for the women 

Valentine ladiesAll of us got together and cut out loads of red organza hearts to be scattered on the tables.  This was a tedious job as the material slipped and slid when we cut it but we managed.  Some didn’t look like hearts, but hey, who really cares. Then we glued the pins to the jewel hearts.  Claudia had three articles from a womens magazine for the women to have a bit of fun.

Women at valentine event

What does your nail colour tell about you.

What do your lips tell about you.

What do your shoes tell about you.



Chris made some yummy cupcakes and I made an Aussie pavlova.  Some ladies didn’t know what it was. 

We estimated about 40 women would attend at the most.  We were pleasantly surprised as over 50 women came to the coffee morning.  Everyone went home with their lipstick, red heart. and a gift bag which was provided by the manager of the compound. It was a lovely morning with lots of chatter and enjoyment was had by all.


This event was organised by the manager of the compound. 

Compound pool valentine

Russ and I arrived at the pathway which led to the pool area.  The arbour over the pathway was beautifully lit up with little fairy lights, which flashed in waves of all different colours.  As we followed the path to the pool area all the trees and plants along the way were also lit up.  Waves of colour were going around trees and hedges it was very pretty.

Lovely red and white dining settings with crystal glasses greeted us.  The pool was brightly flashing colours all around the edges. Heart decorations were tastefully displayed on the pergolas.  It really was a beautiful, romantic setting to be in.

In the background a DJ was playing Michael Buble.

 Valentine pool

The food was magnificent.  So much to eat and so many dishes. 

Valentine cake


Food at the party

The children were up on the stage dancing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Gangnum Style was played and of course they all knew how to do it.  They were a joy to watch.  Many of us won prizes from the raffles that were drawn.  Beautiful crystal ware and superb restaurant meal tickets.  We were lucky and received both. As the night went along some couples got up on the dance floor to 60’s music and other songs.  A very enjoyable evening indeed.


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