British Women’s Group

Yesterday I attended my first British Womens Group (BWG) breakfast.  (in case you are wondering as I know some of you will be, No you don’t have to be British to join)  They have a breakfast at the beginning of every month. 

Some of us wore our Abaya over our clothes to the venue. Some didn’t which got a lot of looks and smiles from the men.  Once we were inside the compound venue, OFF came the Abaya. It was lovely to see everyone dressed in their normal clothes.  Lots of colour and styles. (Not BLACK)

There was a large variety of delicious food to choose from.  Over here Pork is not permitted, however they do make a beef bacon which tastes very yummy. Another yummy treat is croissants with thyme filling in them. Then they have these wonderful moorish round cakes with cherries in which I really love!!!  I didn’t get to eat a lot as I had forgotten we were having breakfast and had breakfast before I came. Drats!!!!

Each month they have a speaker from various companies or businesses.  Today’s theme talk  was from a Day Spa.  We were filled in as to what the day spa could offer us in the way of pampering.  Everything from massages to mud baths. Everyone was given a bag with goodies in.  They consisted of various creams and lotions, flannels, nail files etc…  At the end of the talk we were all allowed to get our nails painted for free if we wished. 

They also had door prizes and raffle ticket prizes. Two of the girls were lucky and got 2 lots of prizes.  Everyone was enjoying themselves catching up with each other..

Each month vendors come with their products.  Most of them are hand made.  Exquisite silk scarves in vibrant colours. Beautiful jewellery. Hand made cards with ribbons and pictures.  Some of the vendors are there to help raise money for assisting people to get visa’s, such as this African woman below.  I bought a fridge door handle covered doll and a bottled water cover from her which were made out of the same material they use for the Saudi Men’s  black and white head covering.  There are two kinds of men’s head coverings. The white and black is called “Ghutra and the red and white is called a “Shumgh”.  They wear them with a cotton hat inside “Tagiyya” then they put on the “shumagh” finally they put on that black Ring which called “Ugal.”  In the eastern & western region they wear “Ghutra” more than “Shumgh.” 

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