Event at the British Consulate Library

libraryMy social life has never been as busy as it has here.  In fact I have had to slow down a little, I can’t keep up with all that is happening. My diary is getting such a workout.

The other day I went to the British Consulate (BC) for a supper and a talk on “Is the book Dead.”  I went with a couple from the compound.  We had not been there before. 

It was dark and we had to go through the checkpoint at the BC and be scanned to make sure we weren’t carrying any weapons. Then we asked “where do we go to get to the library?”  The answer was “turn right at the end.”  

The BC building is a rather large rectangle with walls and razor wire around it. After going around the corner we couldn’t spot anything that looked like a library. We kept walking and went past a black ute truck saying “it must be here somewhere,” when suddenly a head popped up from the back of the ute, it was a soldier behind a dirty great big machine gun, which had been positioned to fire from where we had just come.  I said “Oh we didn’t see you there, could you tell us where the library is please?”  He didn’t know.  

We continued all the way around back to the beginning, only to be told it was around the corner again.  By this stage my friends were getting a little impatient and demanded that someone show us where it is.  Finally we were taken to a little obscure navy blue door.(just around the corner) One thing in Saudi for sure is that you never ask anyone where something is. THEY DON”T KNOW or they will tell you the wrong thing.

Consulate library

Once we went into the room there were many British expats all talking with their different accents.  It was lovely to hear them. Even better was it to have savoury food, such as crackers, cheese and pickled onions.  You really have a hard time trying to find crackers here.  So far we have only found 2 brands.  Saudi’s don’t eat them. The same with cheese, its hard to find the variety.  So I really enjoyed it.

Met some lovely people, Doctor, Professor and a scuba diving instructor.  Guess who is going to learn how to scuba dive? “MWah”

One of the Librarians did a reading which was excellent.  Another told us about this fascinating device.



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