Coffee Morning in the “Club House” - Adieu

Coffee in the \It was our last Coffee Morning  in the “Club House” with 10 of the women that are leaving the compound.  A cake was made for them which said “Adieu” - goodbye. This is one part of being an Expat living in Jeddah, that is very hard. There comes a time when friends you have become close to have to leave. Life is transient here on the compound. Most of us develop very close friendships and learn to depend on and help each other as a community. So it is very sad to see dear friends leaving. Some people are here for years while others only months.  Either way because we live such nomadic lives you learn to make friends fast. It is often in these situations that you make friends for life because you share so many things with them in such a short time.

Coffee In The “Club House” - Adieu

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