“Decisions, Decisions” too many things to do

poolOne can’t really get bored here there is so many choices of things to do. I have to say I feel pretty lucky to be here. It is like living in a resort.

The hardest thing is deciding what to do first.

Belly Dancing Classes
Beauty Salon
Quilting (stitch n bitch as hubby calls it)
Arabic Classes
Tennis Tournaments
Zumba Classes
Fitness Classes
Bus trips twice daily to Shopping Malls
Monthly management occasions/parties
In house movies
Thai Cooking Classes
Monthly morning tea by the girls.

This morning I went on the bus to Ikea. Woooooooh!!! it is huge. A girl could easily get carried away (not that I did of course). It was sooooo overwhelming I didn’t know where to look first Have to go back with a driver and spend much more time. I came back with a beautiful Gardenia. I thought it was fake because it was so green and lush. So I was pleasantly surprised when I touched it to find that it was real. Isn’t it beautiful!

The pool is about 20 steps away from our villa. So I have been going daily with two other women. At the moment we have it all to ourselves, which is great. It is a lovely temperature and doesn’t reek of chlorine, so it has been perfect for doing our water aerobic exercises as well as exercising our jaws (as you do).

Russ has been going to the gym daily after work and now he is starting to get pecks instead of the man boobs he had.

Well I have made a decision, Zumba it is. Classes starting next week. Should be a lot of fun.


  • Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know yoga/dance instructors in Jeddah? I also need to contact people who provide cooking classes and music classes. If anyone knows any instructors please give me their contacts. Thank you!

  • Ayya Muz says:

    Could you please suggest some good culinary arts/cooking institutes in Jeddah?

    • Hi Ayya,

      I suggest you go to the following sites to get information.


    • Sabah alharbi says:

      Im looking for teaching cooking classes for my daughter
      She is 15 yrs old

      Would you please suggest and advise where can she learns

      • Hi Sabah,

        Perhaps you can try the following places.



  • sanjeedha says:

    am looking for kids swimming classes in jeddah.

  • Yosra says:

    May suggest where to take a belly dance classes in jeddah, is there an institute or it’s a privet dance classes?

    Because i was looking for a good classes but i could not found aby thing.

  • Ingrid Burling says:

    Hi there,

    My husband and I are seeking to get 2 years exp doing TEFL and then go to Saudi to work, but we have been reading that the compound you stay in can make the difference between enjoying it or hating it. Can you tell me the name of your compound in Jeddah? It looks lovely….. would be very grateful if you could respond to me at [email protected]. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sometimes you can have a choice of which compound you live in. It depends on your sponser and contract. Usually the companies have designated houses in compounds that are used by their company.

  • Mary says:

    Hi, sounds wonderful. We are likely to be moving out to jeddah later this year and this is just the type of schedule that I am hoping to take on (though I do have 2 small children). Are you able to say which compound this is? Do you know whether the smaller compounds offer similar programmes?

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