Dorothy Boyer Fine Art Exhibition in Jeddah

miswakYesterday we went to an art exhibition which was held by Dorothy Boyer. We arrived at her home and were warmly greeting upon our arrival even though we were early. (I had got the time wrong.)

As we wandered around looking in the different rooms, there hanging on the walls were her beautiful pieces of Art . I love the way that Dorothy captures the sunlight in her artwork. She has a way of painting that brings a feeling of  joy and life into her paintings, you can feel the energy in the pictures. The lovely bright colours that are so very much a part of  Jeddah. You can tell Dorothy loves to go to the Souq in the “Old Jeddah” where she has done many of her paintings. No doubt sitting quietly, soaking up the atmosphere, observing and sketching the stillness and the life that goes on around her. The many stalls selling  brightly coloured beautiful silk rugs and carpets, shiny copper coffee pots, tarnish antiques, miswak sticks for cleaning the teeth, aromatic spices, moroccan shoes, exquisite textile fabrics and divine shimmering silks of many vibrant colours… Many of the stalls have been there for decades. Handed down to the next family member who diligently keep them going for their livelihood.

I loved going to the “Old Jeddah“ when I went on a tour with Bander from Nomad Arabia Tours. It was a delightful atmosphere that transports you to a time long gone. The hustle and bustle of the Jeddah folk buying their fruit and vegetables, spices, bartering and going about their business. It gives you a sense of belonging in among all these people. I particularly loved looking at the old buildings with their blue doors and their delicate ornate shutters. Such lovely very old buildings which is what Dorothy has captured perfectly in her paintings. Some of the buildings are so fragile and yet so beautiful.

Dorothy has gone at different times and it shows in her paintings. The freshness and crispness of the early mornings, with the sun creeping up to the doors, a new day. The brightness of the sun overhead in the middle of the day. The long shadows cast over the buildings in the late afternoon. Magical really. Painting is such a wonderful way to express yourself.
Dorothy has held many exhibitions all over the world and has travelled extensively painting art in many countries. She has won many awards and been commissioned to do artworks in buildings such asLeylaty Ballrooms”. Here  she spent many hours daily climbing up and down a 7 metre high scaffolding over a period of 13 months to paint murals and Faux Finishes on the ceilings and walls.  The building was just a shell so she had to work out a lot of details before she could even begin.No mean feat!!!

I wish to say thank you to Dorothy for painting all her beautiful works of art. Your devotion and love for your work is evident as is your zest for life and love of joy. Because of that we are able to get an incite into what may have been lost forever.  THANK YOU.


If you would like to purchase any of Dorothy’s paintings or prints please see the following links.

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