Dutch Coronation ‘Orange Ball” in Jeddah

Dutch Embassy Orange Ball in JeddahWe recently went to the “Orange Ball” in celebration of the coronation of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander of Orange. It was held in the evening on one of the Expat Compounds. A lot of people of all different nationalities were dressed in Orange of course.  Many different Ball costumes and outfits. As we entered we were all given an Orange sash to wear in celebration of the coronation.  Everyone had the opportunity to have their photo taken sitting on His and Her Royal Thrones with crowns and the men got to hold the golden scepter. This we were able to take home with us as a momento. There was a band playing, people dancing and generally having a good time. Finger foods and Saudi champagne were served. It was an enjoyable night.











Dutch Embassy Orange Ball In Jeddah

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