Easter Party in the Compound at Jeddah

Jeddah Compound Easter PartyToday management provided the Annual Easter Party for all the children in the compound.  A sausage sizzle, pizza, chips and drinks were provided.

Many of the Mums had worked very hard and had got very creative with their hats.

I was asked to be one of the judges to help judge the best hats and the best colouring in competition.

It was very hard for us to choose the best hats as there was so many good ones to choose from.  There was feathers, chickens, eggs, rabbits, carrots, streamers, flowers and all manner of colourful things on their hats.

First of all the children went into the clubhouse to choose a picture to colour in. Some of the picture choices were chickens, baskets, girls with baskets… to go in the colouring in competition.  They got busy sitting around the tables and carefully coloured them in using colouring pencils with great imaginations!  It was difficult to choose which pictures looked the best as we wanted to pick lots of them.  Finally we made our choices.

The children all lined up in the garden to each receive a bag of lollies.  Then we announced the winners of the colouring in competition  The children came up very excited to receive their prizes. The youngest being 2. There were a few tears as some of the young ones couldn’t understand why they didn’t get a prize.

All the children filed past as we tried to choose winning hats.  We asked them to go around 3 times because there were so many great hats.

Hats and the colouring competition were judged according to age groups.  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. One of the boys kept coming up and saying “you forgot to write my name down”, as he didn’t win a prize. (sometimes it is hard to learn life’s lessons)

Finally came the clowns with an array of things to entertain the children.  The smiles on the children’s faces told the story. They were very happy and excited. It was lovely to see.  Life in our Jeddah compound is fun for the kids. It is a multicultural wonderland.  The children get to mix with and learn about so many different cultures. I’t an education in itself.

Thanks to the Management of our compound who provide us with many events and buses for our outings.

A big thanks to all the Mums who made their children’s fantastic hats.



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