Fine Dining at its Very Best in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Saudi ArabiaRussell and I went out to dinner for his 60th birthday to celebrate in style. We arrived at a very early 8.30pm at the Hilton Hotel Jeddah. This is a 7 star hotel, of which there is only a few 7 star hotels  in the world.

As we arrived at the Hilton Hotel, there was a bridal black stretch limo parked near the entrance. It had mauve and white ribbons and bows draped beautifully around it. We got out of our taxi and walked to the left of the Hilton Hotel entrance, along the path, towards a building next door to the hotel, where there is another hotel called the Qasr Al Sharq with two restaurants, a Lebanese and Italian.

As we stepped inside the foyer we saw a lovely feature waterfall. We walked around to the centre marble staircase which was magnificent with its red carpet, real gold railing. Money was no obstacle when all this was built.

Right there in the middle was a sparkling beautiful 3 story high, crystal and gold chandelier. I have never seen any thing like it. So spectacular!!!  As we came down the stair case after OOOOING and AARRRING we were greeted and asked which restaurant we would like to go to. We chose the Italian  Aromi Restaurant. We were escorted to the restaurant, there was not a customer to be seen it was completely empty. We were it!

I said to the waiter that it was my husbands 60th birthday and that we were celebrating in style. Right from the start the waiters tended to us like we were royalty. We were offered a sparkling drink to try as it was a sample from Italy. Don’t know what it was but it was delightful. We ordered our entrée, and main meal. As we were talking the waiter came out with some flowers and said we would like you to have these because it is your birthday. They were lovely pink orchids. Then a little while longer they came out with an appetiser. The waiter said it is on the house. We were delighted. I did say to them we are very early but we did want to get here before the crowds come. I asked what time people usually come he said 11 - 11.30. I thought OOPs we are a little early. However they made us feel very comfortable and said it is better because you have all our attention.

For the meal this is what we had.

Entrée -Tian

Main - Me Chili Sea Bass     Russ - Beef & Prawns

Dessert - Chocolate Souffle

When dessert came  they had put a sparkler and 2 lighted candles on Russell’s plate. All the waiters gathered around and sang happy birthday to him. It was very nice of them to do that.

The food was divine with wonderful textures, flavours and colours, the presentation was excellent. The soufflé chocolate oozed out like lava from a volcano. Pretty specky. We thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end Russ had a Latte and I had camomile tea with honey and chocolates. The service was superb.

Russell asked for the bill. The waiter then said that the drinks and the tea and coffee was on the house as well. So that was a lovely surprise.

As we were leaving the Chef Domenico was near the entrance door, so we were able to have a chat with him and the waiters. A very pleasant evening indeed. Thanks to all the staff and Domenico the Chef for making us feel so special.


Jeddah Saudi Arabia


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