Jeddah at Last

IMG_20130110_043716Emirates business class has got the best service. I felt like the queen being waited on hand and foot.  Way too much to eat. Oh well back on the diet tomorrow.  Didn’t have any wine, but heaps of mineral water as I am drying out in practice for Saudi.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, I even got to watch a couple of episodes (which I hadn’t seen before) of good ole JR Ewing (DALLAS)

Love the lay back seats, no swollen legs at all.  I even managed to get a few zzz’s (snored maybe I don’t know.)  The time flew by.

Now I am sitting in the emirates lounge at Dubai, in my new black silk Abaya with gold and aqua sequins and a beautiful paisely blue green colour headscarf, instead of the black silk scarf that came with the Abaya.

Must admit when I saw all the women in black and scarves I felt overwhelmed for a minute at the magnitude of the situation. However I soon gathered myself together and went shopping for  a USB Arabic language course which looks easy to learn. (How hard can it be?)

Already met some lovely people on the plane and in the airport. One lovely young lady is an emirates assistance who is Portuguese and has only been here for 3 months all by herself. Another lady has been here for 2 years after leaving South Africa after her husband died.

Finally arrived in Jeddah. Husband was very happy to see me.  We went for a walk to the local supermarket and a couple of other shops. Cats, cats and more cats everywhere.


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