Jeddah’s Very First “Quilt Exhibition” - May 7th and 8th 2014

Jeddah Quilting ExhibitionThe “Jeddah Bees Quilting Guild” are very proud and excited to announce Jeddah’s very first quilting exhibition. This event is not to be missed.

Place:      The House of Arts, first floor Jamjoon Shopping Centre, Gate 4 and 5

Date:       Wednesday 7th May 2014       Time:      10am - 1pm   and   5pm - 10pm

Date:      Thursday 8th may 2014            Time:                                            5pm - 10pm                  

                           FAMILIES  ONLY

Jeddah Quilting Guild Members are women from all backgrounds and cultures. The quilts made are amazing. There are Traditional Quilts, Contemporary Quilts, Quirky Quilts, Abstract Quilts, Felt Quilts, Embroidered Quilts, Origami Quilts, Mini Quilts and Art Quilts. Some of the quilts will be for sale. We will also have some mini quilts for sale. Many of the quilts have taken hours, days, months and some, years, to make. A lot of designing and planning goes into making a quilt.

What is a Quilt?

A Quilt consists of three layers the back, the middle which is usually a batting of some sort, then the quilt top. These are sandwiched together at the end by machine quilting or hand quilting  through all the layers.

  • First of all there is the idea of what to make.
  • Then it is a matter of drawing, drafting or choosing a design or a block pattern.
  • Next you need to work out what colours would be best for the project. So this involves planning a colour scheme. Depending on what colours you choose, can make a huge difference, as to what the quilt will look like when it is finished. Moods and atmospheres are created by colours, shapes, texture, stitching and quilting. Some quilters particularly Art quilters sketch out their design then colour them in to see how they will look.
  • The next stage is working out how much material you will need for each colour. Then it is into your own fabric stash of material, that you have been accumulating over a period of time, to see if you have the right colours. If not its off to shops to find the right colour hues, textures, shades… (Can never have enough material) This can take time hunting down the exact colours that you want. Sometimes you find the exact colour but there is not enough material on the roll. Drats! So then you have to keep looking. Many hours and shopping trips later you find some.
  • While out looking for the material you also buy the cotton threads to sew your quilt and some special threads which will enhance your quilting design. That’s is you haven’t already been buying a stash of cottons (Like I do ).
  • Next comes the cutting which can take some time.
  • Now comes the part of putting together the design. This can be a little tricky sometimes.
  • Hours, days, months later  is the time to stitch all the pieces together into blocks. Some people do all of their quilts by hand.
  • Once all the blocks have been stitch and completed they need to be joined together.
  • When the top is completed, the backing is laid down on a table and straightened with all creases smoothed out, then you put the batting on and smooth that out. Lastly you lay the quilt top on.  A series of safety pins are put all over the quilt through all layers to keep it stable and stop if from shifting.
  • Now you start quilting a design all over the quilt.
  • Once you have finished quilting you straighten and cut the edges, which is called blocking.
  • Now you make strips of binding then sew it all around the edges.
  • Next you add a sleeve on the back to put a rod in if you will be hanging it on the wall.
  • Lastly you design a label about the quilt and sew onto the back.

This is why they are worth every penny you spend to buy one on sale.  Truly a gift of love, devotion  and passion.

Jeddah Quilting Exhibition

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