Ladies Morning Coffee “Costume Party”

Ladies at morning coffee

What a lovely morning here in the compound, with a great turn out. Lots of costumes, pirate, Indian, Egyptian  traditional Japanese, rock star, punk, traditional Thai…

As we arrived we were all given a piece of paper with famous friendship quotes on them.  Very fitting seeing as 2 of the girls are leaving Jeddah for good to go back to their home countries. Once we had all settled inside we all took it in to turn to read out our quotes. They were beautiful sayings which we appreciated hearing.

We were all very tempted and some of us indulged in dipping marshmallows into the chocolate fountain. So yummy CHOCOLATE and soft marshmallow’s !!!!

There were sandwiches, salads, sausages and sweets…

The girls also entertained us with their singing using a Karaoke machine.  Most of all it was great to see everyone together and to be able to catch up with each other.

Many thanks to Ellie and Maha who are leaving us soon.  They did a great job of organising this event.  We will miss you both very much!

Click below to check out the photo’s on youtube.

Morning Coffee “Costume Party” 


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