Ladies Morning Coffee “Masquerade Ball”

Yesterday the ladies of the compound were invited to “spend quality time with their friends and de-stress themselves. Live in the moment and enjoy to the fullest.”

We shared in fun and frivolity, all dressed up in ball gowns (anything but black) and masks. I didn’t realise how sick of black you get in such a short time. I had brought my black evening dress from Australia, Ooops, sorry girls. One by one we took it in turns to strutt our stuff on our very “special” make believe catwalk, complete with flashing disco lights. This was done to the music of “Gangnam Style”. So as you can imagine their was all sorts of waving, shaking and kicking going on, it was hilarious. We had some delicious food and coffee, tea and juice.

At the end of the morning we received beautiful big sun glasses in lovely sparkly cases, which was kindly donated by one of the local optomiterist.

To see a room filled with all different nationalities all enjoying themselves was a wonderful sight to behold. Such unity and peace, pity the rest of the world can’t be like this.

Next month we are having a Valentine Morning. Somehow myself and two other women got conned into being on the committee to organise that event. So much for being a newcomer. Nothing like being thrown into the deep end. Sink or swim, we shall see…


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