Meet the Man behind “3N” in Jeddah

IMG_8887What is 3N I hear you say? Well until yesterday I possibly would never have known. It was one of the most amazing and exciting experiences I have had. Not what I was expecting.

I attended a tour of which I was invited to by Alicia Ali from “Arabian Jewel“. The tour was called: “Artisans of Love: Hidden Jewel Tour Series.”




 Exclusive Visit to Saudi Arabia’s Most Exclusive Interior Designer

Guided tour
A treasure cove for art and design enthusiasts. Displaying art, interior design, exclusive fabrics, unique furniture and an unmatchable ambiance. Find out from the artist himself what inspires his work, how to integrate stylish interiors and find your personal decor style in your space.

Hidden Jewel Speaks
“My inspiration is driven from the hidden soul and beauty that relies in all my surroundings. The warmth of desert sand dunes, the calmness of the sea, the ridgidness of stones and musical rhythms of nature… Anything that triggers the senses, and challenges the thought.”

As I arrived at my destination 3N, it didn’t look like much on the outside, as is often the case in Jeddah. A small group of ladies, who also were on the tour were there. We entered the building together. What a surprise awaited us! As soon as we stepped inside we were greeted warmly by this friendly man. Our eyes were darting everywhere trying to take in the ambience and the decor. The room was so warm and inviting. It oozed warmth and love. There were many personal items on tables and the walls. As you looked around you could feel the personality of the owner.

He asked us to sit down, then he offered us coffee, dates and some other food, which we discovered was chocolates. They were pink/rose yellow/lemon green/pistachio flavoured.  Needless to say we were all trying them.
His name is Nawaf Hahar Al Nassar. Nawaf  is a Saudi who does Interior Designing, but not like any Interior Designer I have met or known before. He is different. He has a real passion for what he does. 3N is his company name which has a meaning behind it also, but that is another story.

Nawaf designs the interiors of homes to reflect their owners. By spending time with his clients in their daily lives he gets to know their personalities, likes, dislikes, habits, life styles,… By doing this he can design the home interior to suit them personally, so that their home is truly a reflection of them, not him.  This creates harmony, peace and love in their lives.  As he talked to us about his passion he gave the example of where children play in a house. If it is in a basement or a dark room with no windows, this can be a cause of depression in children.

Living in Saudi Arabia is different than a lot of other countries, in that we have to live inside our homes most of the time, due to the extreme heat. Usually there are very few windows or very narrow ones for obvious reasons. So it makes sense, to have our surroundings, which we live in to reflect our personalities so that we may flourish, and not feel like we are trapped inside a dungeon.

Nawaf has designed many interiors for Saudi home owners, and is well sought after.  He is a modest, spiritual man who does not show examples of his clients homes, out of respect for them, because their interior designs are personally designed for them. Their lives are reflected in their decor.

Nawaf showed us swatches of fabrics that come from all over the world. Beautiful brocades, embroidered pieces…


Then he showed us his “Office”.

To find out more about Nawaf you can go to his facebook page.

I thoroughly recommend the tour by “Arabian Jewel” It certainly was a pleasure to meet Nawaf and hear him talk about his passion.

A big thanks to “Arabian Jewel for making it possible. Here is a video which I would like to share from Alicia Ali the Co-founder of Arabian Jewel


Arabian Jewel


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