My First Ever Quilting Class - Paper Piecing/Curved Piecing

My aberesqueRecently I have got very interested in doing Fabric Art using all sorts of media.  Of course I had to pick something that was tricky to start with didn’t I.  I chose to do a small flower design on some white cotton, which involved a whole load of tracing and cutting out tiny pieces… two days later I managed to iron them all in position using double sided fusible webbing. A technique that a friend showed me.  I then did a reverse applique along the edge around the design.  Now I am up to the hand stitching all around the design.  Then I will add embellishments.  Will keep you posted once I have completed it.  Wait for it… still waiting…

Got up early this morning with my trusty map to go to my first ever quilting class on Paper Piecing/Curved Piecing.  I thought I would be fine walking there as it is near by and I had been there once before for the Quilt Show. WRONG!!!!  

I was heading in the right direction and decided I would take a short cut through the back streets, forgetting that the map roads are different names than what the signs say.  (A while back many of the street names were changed, however the google maps have not changed.  Also some call them by the new names and others don’t.)  So I kinda got lost.  It was then I realised I had left my mobile home b*@@$r.  I knew I was close to where it was, but I couldn’t find the street.  After asking many men in the street, who of course said they spoke english and could read maps, when they in fact couldn’t, I tried to get a cab.  This was a waste of more time as they insisted they could read maps, when they didn’t have a clue.  Many of the men said “Oh Madina Rd is here.”  To which I said “yes I know that I don’t want to go there I want to go here x.”  At this stage I was thinking, it is getting later and I may have to concede defeat as the class would have started by now.  I was starting to head back  when I saw a muslim lady come out of her house, she was heading towards a car with a Saudi man in it.  So I went up to her to ask if she spoke english and if she could read maps.

 Hoorah!!! not only could she speak english and read maps but offered to take me to the Quilting Studio.  They were very kind and after chatting in the car drove me right up to the door.  I was half an hour late but caught up quickly and managed to finish one block and 3/4 finish the other.

 It was very enjoyable, as Debra the instructor was extremely patient with all of us.  All I need now is a sewing machine!!!


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  • christine plowman says:

    Well done, such a quick learner. Can’t wait to see your next piece. Only 5 required for February 2014!!!!!!!

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