“Old Jeddah” Tour

DoorsToday Russ and I set off to go on a guided tour  of “old Jeddah” which was done by http://nomadarabia.com/   This is where the original part of Jeddah is located.  We caught a taxi and were running a little late so I quickly texted using “what’s app” (free text messages to anyone who has it. http://www.whatsapp.com/ ) to the tour guide to say we are on our way.  Then he rang us and we were just around the corner so asked if they could please wait for us. They did thank goodness, everyone was cheerful and excited  and cheered us when we arrived.

As we all set off it was becoming very warm and humid, especially for the women wearing Abay’s and head scarves. Our tour guide was a lovely young man who had a vast knowledge about Jeddah and it’s history.  He made the tour very interesting as he pointed out different things to us.  We were taken past ruins in little narrow lane ways, on stone and rocks and dust, past beautiful old ornate doors which led into the old houses.  Wild, stray cats and kittens were all over the place.  Many of them living in the rubble and ruins.  Rather than me rabbit on I am including a video for you to look at.  “Old Jeddah.”



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