A Sri Lankan Sojourn

Beach 1We arrived at Sri Lanka Colombo airport where we were met by our driver (Anton) who warmly greeted us with a big smile. He drove us through very busy traffic to our destination at Henegama, a little village in the mountains just east of Galle. Due to the heavy traffic the trip took over 3 hrs to travel 80 km to get there. The countryside along the way was beautiful with lush green foliage, coconut palms, tea plantations, rice fields and thick dense jungle.

As we were driving  it started to rain which was glorious to see. Living in Jeddah it does not rain so it was so refreshing to see raindrops pattering on the windows. The smell of the damp air mixed with jungle trees was divine.

sri lankaHere is our holiday accommodation, a private 4 bedroom, 4 ensuite colonial house complete with cook (Cyril) and driver(Anton). We also had a Tuk Tuk driver (Mike) who took the boys to the “Happy Banana” restaurant/bar and other places.DSC02049

What more could you want. It was an idyllic spot in the mountains. We woke up to the sound of the monkeys playing in the jack fruit and coconut trees. Each day at around 5pm we sat on the front verandah and had Gin and Tonic. It was steamy but pleasant weather with rain during the  night and every afternoon for about 10 minutes. It is the rainy season here in Sri Lanka after all!

Cyril and Anton made us some magnificent traditional Sri Lankan meals. The aroma’s and flavours were absolutely delicious. Anton was a great driver and took us to many places.

Meal 2 Meal 2


We went to the “Old Forte” which was quaint with all its little shops, lighthouse, restaurants and places to stay.

DSC02033Sri Lanka has many Tea Plantations, one of which we visited. The friendly owner took us on a tour. It was really interesting to see how the tea gets from the bush to the table. The processes it goes through. They still use the original equipment that is very old.

Anton fishOne afternoon we went fishing on one of the many lakes. The only one of us that caught a fish was Anton. It was his first time ever that he had been fishing. So even though it was a very small fish he was happy.

Sri Lanka has 15 national parks.So we went on safari at a National Park in Yalga. We saw crocodiles, water buffalo, mongoose, monkeys, deer’s and many animals and we were very lucky to see a leopard laying on a rock. There is only about 25 left in the park.

Elephant Eagle dear Crocodile Warthog

Anton is an animal lover. There were about 4 cats and a kitten.He rescued this little dog from the side of a road called “Kiki”. She talks to him with little howls and he does it back to her. You can see she really loves him.

Recently she had some puppies but they all died. So she has been a bit forlorn and sore because she got milk fever. He took her off to the vet to get some medicine and creams for her. She came back much happier and her eyes looked so much brighter.


I had noticed that one of the cats had a rather big belly and thought she may be pregnant. The day before we left I opened the wardrobe to start packing when out jumped the cat. On the night before we left the same cat kept coming in and out of our room through the window. I got up to see what was going on. She was in the wardrobe on some white satin sheets. I realised she was ready to have her kittens, so I got a towel and put it on the bottom shelf then put her on there. Meanwhile one of the cats outside cried out for quite a time, she would respond every now and again to its call. Anyway finally we got to sleep. I got up in the morning to see if she had her kittens. There in the wardrobe were three tiny little kittens all sucking heartily. So cute!! I got some milk and food for Mum who was tired but happy. She drank it all and ate all the food. Then she laid back down to let her babies snuggle in.


We had a lovely holiday in Sri Lanka and would recommend to anyone to stay where we were. It was really great to be away from the hustle and bustle but not too far from the beach or Galle.

Sri Lanka

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