Meet “Tails”

Tails 2Meet “Tails” our newest addition to our family. He has a very long tail with a kink at the end and long legs.

Tails came to our house a few weeks ago along with some other cats. One of those cats we had previously nicknamed “Pugsley” who use to sleep on top of the shadecloth.  We thought he had gone to cat corner. You can read about him in a former blog . Not so… He is back looking much bigger, in fact fat! Someone is looking after him.  Then there was “Twitchy” who was a very nervous cat that you couldn’t get near, and “Meow” who had the loudest meow I have ever heard.  These other cats stopped coming when we wouldn’t feed them.  We would leave out water for them to drink but that’s all!

Tails was very persistent in winning us over with his smooching and purring. He never meowed but kept coming everyday and would sleep under the table outside. guts upWe guessed he must have had an owner who had since left the compound, because he was neutered. Sadly this happens a lot here and in other compounds. He was very skinny, with his rib bones showing through. Dirty and mangy looking with scratches all over him .  Every time I patted him I would make sure I washed my hands straight after.

One day we bought a big lump of beef to make some mince. We took of the fat and any sinewy bits, putting them aside. Then minced the rest in the mincing machine with coriander, ginger, garlic,parsley and herbs.  I looked at the bits that were left and said “it is a shame to throw it out”.  So we did what all well trained humans do, gave it to tails. Well he thought all his christmases had come at once!  He wolfed it down so fast, so we gave him more.   He had beef for a few days. One week later his ribs were covered and his scratches were healing up nicely. He also was looking a lot cleaner.

So off I went in search of cat food which is hard to get in Jeddah. Finally I found some at Carrefour in a little pet shop. Thus two new bowls and 4kg of dry cat food later was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with my husband.

TailsThey have a daily ritual whereby Russell goes up to the kitchen window where “Tails” is waiting for him. Tails Meows loudly about three times, showing his long thin canine fangs, as if to say ‘hurry up’. Russell gets the cat food out, puts it in the bowl, then goes up to the window and teases him by shaking the food in the bowl. “Tails” then Meows loudly and shows his fangs as if to say “stop that or I will bite you”. Then Russell gets an old fruit juice container and proceeds to fill it with half tap water and half cold water.(one very spoilt cat!!!) Then he goes outside and says loudly “Well HELLO Tails how are you”. I am sure the neighbours hear this every day and think he is crazy. Tails follows him meowing to the spot where he puts his food down. tails foodNext Russell comes inside and sits on the lounge chair to watch him, making sure no other cats eat his food. We use to eat at the table while having breakfast. Not any more!!!  Once tails has finished eating he has a long drink of water.  dinkingRussell then goes out and says “how was that tails was that good”, pat, pat, stroke, stroke… Tails does a stretch then goes and sits on top of the table outside. Tales table(How quickly we forget) He won’t let any other cat come near our front door accept “Pugsley” who acts very submissive, cowering whenever tails is near him. Pugley is allowed to sit in the doorway to catch the cool air coming out from inside and drink the water if he wants, but thats all.  The whole ritual happens again at night when Russell comes home. It’s a tough life for some cats but not this lucky cat and he knows it. Purrrrrrrr.


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