The Pearl of the Mediterranean “Antalya”

AntalyaSome friends of ours suggested we go to Antalya while we are in Turkey. We took their advice. We got Laila from Buruj Travel who we have used before to help us find accommodation. She lives at our compound which is very convenient. She came back with some suggestions, of which one of them was “The Falcon Club“.  It turned out to be a very good place to stay for us. It is a resort so it has all the ammenties, gym, hairdresser (which is where I got my hair cut for 40tl cheap), spa, massage, tours… The rates were very good, nice clean rooms. All the meals were inclusive which made it very economical. Tons of food to eat, buffet style with many choices at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beer and house wine were free at meal times and any time time the bar was open.  They even provided coffee and tea during the day with nibbles inclusive. The view of the Black Sea was glorious. Very close and within walking distance to shopping centres, parks, and “The bazaar”.  The Falcon Club has a pool and a slippery side water playground for children. The only drawback for some who like to swim at the beach would be having to go down the hill to the ocean which has no sand and is deep. However there are sandy beaches not far away. For us it was perfect as we wanted to sightsee.

Picture from Club Falcon Antalya

One thing to beware of is hardly anyone speaks English in Analya including the resort as we found out,so it might be wise to learn some basic words. (We didn’t, we used a lot of hand signalling and facial expressions.) Our fridge was not working in the room. Also we had a problem with our door it didn’t lock.  I rang reception to ask for help but they didn’t understand.  We went down to reception to explain but they didn’t know what we were saying. So when I saw a maintenance man with a spanner using arms and facial expressions I beckoned him to come with me. He came to our door. I motioned him to watch as I opened the door without using the key card. He looked at me as if I was mad. So I shut the door and made him open it. Then his face lit up and he realised the lock didn’t work. So he fixed it. I then put  my index finger up and said “one more fix” and went to the fridge, put my had in the fridge and did like a broken sign language and said Kaput while opening my hands. He felt inside the fridge and nodded. Then he reached in and turned it on. (Duh! we didn’t think of that) So then we put thumbs up and said thank you with big smiles on our faces.

The old city.Hadrians Gate

Analya is very rich in history. We saw many Ancient Roman Ruins. Aquaducts, A sunken city and tombs in the Mountains.Even an Ancient Roman City with a huge public square surrounded by columns. It was quite an awesome experience to be standing where the ancient Romans would have once been.

We visited Perge, Myrna, Side, Olympus, museums and many places. We would like to go back and see all the things we didn’t have time to see.

Unfortunately we somehow have lost all but  these few photo’s of Antalya on the camera. So I found this video on You tube which pretty much sums up Turkey.

All about Turkey and its Beauty



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