“Quilting Bee’s of Jeddah” Farewell Meeting for Audrey

IMG_3617It was Audrey’s last Quilting Bees meeting today. She goes back to her home country after living here in the Middle East for more than 25 years. Initially she was very sad to leave her long-time pals and friends. Now she has got use to the idea and is looking forward to the next chapter of her life.

Being an integral part of the Quilting Bees of Jeddah we will miss her beautiful cheerful face and generous, kind nature. I know I personally have appreciated her friendship and the giving of her time, experience and knowledge.

All the” Quilting Bee girls”  made up a block each, with their names on them, to give as a farewell gift for Audrey. Audrey will be able to make them up into a lovely, colourful, memory quilt to remember all of us. (That’ if she wants to of course- of course she does we are all unforgettable aren’t we Audrey?) Many of the fabrics the girls used to make their block with came from Audrey’s STASH, so they have special meaning to her.We know that Audrey chose all her fabrics and even remembers where she got them from. (There is a LOT of them)  Audrey has many fond memories in shops, markets, souqs, and other places here in Jeddah, searching and finally, finding that particular piece of fabric that would go perfectly, with the project she was working on.

Fabric is such an individual way to express yourself. It can conjure up all sorts of emotions and memories be it the present or from the past.  How many of us can remember when we wore a certain dress and how it made us feel. Just thinking about it now we feel like it was yesterday. The textures, colours, shapes, and even the smell of the material. I love to go onto the internet and look at what people are creating with fabrics now. Art quilts are really taking off in a big way. Or as they are called “Fibre Artist” The amount of different types of fabric available is humongous, some of them you just look at and think how could they possibly make that.

Fabric has always played an important part in my life. As a young girl my mother taught me how to sew.  I still remember the first two  things I made. Two mid length skirts made in a heavy jersey. One was bright bright orange and the other was bright purple which is my favourite colour. They were a simple four gore skirt. I was pleased as punch and didn’t care that they didn’t match my school uniform, I was wearing them to school. Even back then I didn’t care that  I looked different than anyone else. Thus began my passion for fabrics.

The “Quilting Bee’s of Jeddah” are very talented and some have many years of sewing, quilting, and applique experience. The blocks are amazing. So many designs “Beautiful Girls love your work”.

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