“Quilting Bees” of Jeddah

Queen Bee

Queen Bee” for the morning.

It was our monthly “Quilting Bees” of Jeddah meeting today. We all had to vote for a new president and vice president.  Sadly the lady who was going to be the president has to go back home due to her husbands termination of his contract.  We will miss her very much, she is such a lovely warm, kind person. A couple of the women are leaving and one has rejoined the group after a 2 year break.  We always enjoy the chatting and catching up with each other, such a lovely group of women.

As per usual we had lots of things to eat and drink.  Many of the ladies brought along some things for show and tell.

Here are the blocks that a few of us did, one lucky person won them, to make whatever she wants with them.

These blocks were made by some members of “Quilting Bees” to give to one of the ladies who is leaving. Such a lovely gesture and keepsake.

Yesterday one of the ladies Audrey had a class where a few of us were able to make a bag called “Seashell Sachet” for the beach, or in my case it is great for putting my quilting art projects into. They are fully lined and quilted.  We had fun making them.  Everyone was busy sewing so there wasn’t much talking but lots of concentration. So much so that one of the ladies sewed the table cloth into her bag and another sewed the bag backing into hers.  As for me one row of my stitches came undone as it wasn’t caught in properly.  Just shows we are all imperfect and not to stress over perfection.  Just fix it and if you can’t fix it cover it or move on. Don’t they look great! 

My bag

Last Saturday Audrey had another class where she showed us how to make a “Prairie Point Cushion.” This was done with little blocks joined together in rows. I love to see what others use when they make projects. That’s the beauty about creativity we are all different and can appreciate each others individuality. Again I am happy with this.

My Cushion


  • Maji says:

    Im an Architect by profession.i would like know about your quilting classes.i would like to join your group

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi there
    I’m from jeddah I was wondering if you have classes for beginners this summer

  • Carolyn Nuttall says:

    Hi Lyn,

    Can you connect me with the quilting group? I think everyone might be out of town until after the new year, but am anxious that I don’t miss anymore! Regards, Carolyn Nuttall

  • Welsh says:

    I shall be moving to Jeddah probably in January 2015. I am a keen quilter and would love to join your group. My passion is English Paper Piecing. Should I stock up on fabrics before I arrive? Are cotton fabrics available in th the local souk?


    • Hello Sue,
      We have two ladies in the quilting guild who sell fabric they get from the US. There are also many shops in the souqs that sell fabric. I would suggest you bring some with you. I am guessing you are from the UK is that right? I won’t be here in January as I am going back to Australia for xmas. I will send you an email of who to contact to join the Jeddah Bee’s Quilting Guild. We look forward to welcoming you to Jeddah.

  • Janice says:

    I will be travelling to Jeddah in September. Can you recommend a store to purchase fabric for quilts?
    Thank you.

  • lista de email says:

    that’s very interesting, i have shared it with my friends.

  • Latha surej says:

    Very beautiful quilts there..I am an online member of a quilt n embroidery group & we too exchange our pieces all around the world. So happy to know u guys r quiet active here in Jeddah..good job girls

    • If you want to join the quilting guild you are most welcome. We meet every Sunday for a catch up and a bit of hand stitching, embroidery or whatever we may be working on. Our quilting guild meeting is once a month on the 3rd sunday of every month. They are a lovely bunch of ladies.

  • Diane says:

    Hi Lyn, your cushion is the prettiest I think!

  • Lynda Irvine says:

    It is really lovely to see the group is still active after all this time. Good to see old friends looking well.

  • Christine Plowman says:

    Well done my friend, send Audrey my love and best wishes xxx

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