Road Trip - Wine Tasting from Portugal - Seville

Russ was away on a road trip with a friend and sent me an sms. “You should get on a plane and come here, you are going to luv this place. Marrakesh without the Arabs”.  He was very excited like a kid with a new toy. The place he was referring to was Porto in Portugal. So being a “GOOD” wife I did as I was told and got on a plane to Lisbon and then on to Porto. He was right I did luv it. The architecture was similar to Marrakesh very Moorish influence but instead of Muslim Arabs the people are Portuguese Catholics.

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While I was flying to Lisbon we flew over two huge towers which had beams of light radiating from them. It looked like an alien invasion from the sky. I could see hundreds of solar panels in two giant circles.

Their mirrors were directed towards the top of the towers which created intense laser like beams. I immediately thought of “toast”. I had actually watched a program only a few days previously about this. So I recognized what it was. Click Here for more info about it.

I met up with Russ and Alejandro at the Porto Airport.

We stayed in a little old house which had lots of relics and antiques inside. It was very close to the tram line, opposite a beautiful park which was covered in white wildflowers. Great spot close to the beach and all the cafe’s and shops.

Russell was very pleased as there was a wine cellar fully stocked with ports and locally made wines about 5o mt away.

(Needless to say we came back to Seville with heaps of Port and wine!!!) Portugal does not export much of their wine or Port. They drink most of the wine and ports which they produce from the Douro Valley themselves. It is excellent!

We traveled on to our next stop which was in a little village Viana do Castelo. However along the way we made a wine tasting stop. Our guest house overlooked the Limia river. We had the whole place to ourselves, there were no other guest there. 

A magnificent view and the guest house had lots of flowers in bloom. It was soo pretty.

We went for a walk all around the village and came across these gorgeous camellia bushes.

The weather had been wonderful while we were away. The next stop is Salamanca.

Salamanca is an historic city with the oldest university in Spain. It dates back to 1134.

We went into the very large Cathedral. Russell kept saying how dark and gloomy it was. He said “it is so depressing with all the bodies in the walls and under the floor.”

Guess who left his sunglasses on while we were in there. Doh!!! Not so dark after all.

Close by to where we were staying was a huge square with restaurants and shops all around. In the centre at one end was a clock tower which struck every ¼ hour. We went down to have tapas and wine each day along with a whole lot of tourist.

The Spanish certainly love their bread, olive oil and Iberian ham. It is everywhere. You see people eat it at all times of the day.

And they also love Churros with chocolate sauce. 

Alas it was time to go back to Seville. It was a very enjoyable trip.  Here are some of the scenery we saw along the way.




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