“Sew Craftsy” - New Adventure

It has been a while since I have posted anything. Our time in Jeddah came to an end in March 2016. Living in Jeddah was a fantastic experience that will stay with me forever. So many happy wonderful memories of Jeddah. Magical at night.

We were very fortunate to be able to travel to many countries including seeing Saudi Arabia while we lived there. We made some great friends and met some amazing people.

I remember the first time I went to a Saudi house. I had to lift my jaw of the floor. I was in awe of the size and the (blingy) decor inside. Saudi’s love their bling. (Gold, silver, chandeliers) They have very large palatial homes with many rooms. Inside there is usually 2 very large (what we would call family rooms) rooms, with lots of lounges and armchairs all around the edges of the room, along with various tables.  One room is for the men and the other is for the women.

Photo by -the town and country collection

In Saudi culture, families take it in turns, having lunch at their homes on Fridays. Friday is a holy day where the men go to the Mosques to worship and listen to a sermon for the morning. Meanwhile, the wives and maids prepare a bountiful lunch for the extended family. Thus the dining tables are long around 12 - 20 seats.  There is always a huge spread of different dishes all along the centre length of the table. Saudi culture is to be very generous with food. It is a way of showing love. They do not hug like us westerners, rather they kiss once on each cheek. ( I introduced some of them to the Aussie hugs) It is customary to take a dish or plate of food when visiting each other.xxx  Before lunch which is around 2-3pm the men go and sit in the men’s room talking, drinking Arabic coffee and eating dates, as do also the women in the women’s room. When lunch is ready they all go to the dining room together.  After lunch they do not continue to talk, they go home or out with their own families to a park or to the beach. So it is considered rude to stay after a meal.  The talking is always done before.

One thing I did while living there was learn quilting and Art quilting.  A very dear friend Chris whom I met on our compound, taught me how to do Art Quilting. She is such a talented lady and has exhibited a number of Art Quilts and other Quilts that have won first prize.

Saudi Quilt - by Chris

It opened up a whole new world for me.  I thought my sewing and crafting days were long gone. WRONG!!!  While living in Jeddah I made many items and honed skills to learn other arts and crafts.  Chris invited me to “The Quilting Bees of Jeddah“. This “Jeddah Bee’s” ladies are such a warm, friendly, caring and loving group.  I was welcomed into their homes and into their hearts. The group consists of Saudi Ladies and Expats from all over the world.  It was a joy to have our weekly work (mainly working our jaws) meeting where we would bring along things we were working on such as embroidery, hand sewing, crafts, jewelry making or simply coming to catch up and enjoy the company and eat! Usually this was done in one of the Ladies homes.  We would all bring a plate of food. Quite often at the end everyone had to take a plate of food back home to share with family. There was always an abundance of delicious food and lots of laughter. I miss it a lot.

Chris helped me with an idea I had and wanted to do, which is part of my next adventure. We formed a group called “MB Arts & Crafts. Many happy memories of these fun times with lovely people.

Happy memories of a dearly loved young woman who was very talented and always smiling. Jin Jin and  her beautiful little girl Sarah.

We left Jeddah and went to Spain, and traveled around there.  Now I am back in Australia and on another “New Adventure”. I am going to teach sewing, quilting, Art quilting and other crafts to ladies.  I have created a facebook group page in order to share our inspirations and creations. For those who wish to sell their handmade items, they can do it here. It is called “Sew Craftsy“.

To all the wonderful people and friends that I have met in Jeddah. THANK YOU!!! You made my life a joy to be there. The love, kindness and warmth of the friends I have made from Jeddah is very special and will not be forgotten.

I have enjoyed sharing the experiences with all you folk out there who have been reading my blog. I thank you for reading and being interested in sharing in part of our  life.

Have just about finished my new website for “Sew Craftsy”.  Here is a sneak peak.



  • Claire jeffreys says:

    HI Lyn, I was lucky enough to be part of your lovely craft group in Saudi along with my young son and will always be grateful for your patience and kindness. Now I am back in the UK, I have a home furnishings and haberdashery business. Do you know if the craft group is still running on the compound? I was going to send a parcel with some goodies from our factory for the group to use. Perhaps I could send some to you in Australia too?

    • Hi Claire, lovely to hear from you. Your son was his name Philip? The craft group stopped when I left. Many of the original people have moved on to other countries.
      Wow! you have certainly got yourself busy. I would love to have done something like that. I will send you a message to your email. xx

  • Anonymous says:


  • Joanne says:

    What a great idea Lyn. Looks terrific. Loved your blog. X

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