“Seychelles” Paradise Found!

SeychellesWe were finally on our way to paradise. Having flown from Jeddah to Dubai, we had a wait of 2 hours before getting on the plane to Male (Seychelles).

It was during our flight that Russell had a look at the map on the flight  screen. All of a sudden he said we are going to the wrong place. I said what do you mean?  He showed me where Seychelles was and where Male was. Instead of booking Mahe we had booked Male which was in the Maldives. So we thought never mind we will have to catch a plane from there to Seychelles. 

We arrived at Male, a bumpy landing in a small airport. Then began the task of getting a flight to Seychelles. As it happened there was not any direct flights from there. We would have to go back to Dubai to get a connecting flight. Then someone suggested going to Colombo in Sri Lanka. So we quickly booked and got on the next flight to Colombo.

Once we arrived we immediately asked if there was any flights to Seychelles that day. We were told there was not any flights that go from Colombo. As we have often found in Saudi, just because someone says it is so, doesn’t mean it IS so. So we asked around different airlines. Finally we were sent to a desk for Mihin Lanka, a budget airline for Sri Lankan Air. We were in luck, as it happened there was an Inaugural flight to the Seychelles going the next day. What a relief!  We stayed overnight close to the airport at a place called “The Tamarind Tree” which was lovely. Again we were very lucky as most accommodation close to the airport was booked out, due to  CHOGM being held in Sri Lanka.

The next day we went through customs and were waiting for the gate to open. We went through the gate checkpoint. The lady at the counter said “would you just wait here please.” She pointed to some seats nearby. Puzzled we sat down, next thing a lady security officer asked me to come with her as there was a problem with my baggage. I gave my things to Russ and was escorted to the baggage area. On the way she said “we may have to do a body search.” I thought WHAT? When I got there my bag was isolated all by itself. There was 15 security officers there.(I counted them) They were all starring at me as if I was a guilty criminal. The lady asked me if I packed my bag. I said “yes.” Then she asked me to unlock the suitcase for them to have a look. I said “yes sure what is the problem? What are you looking for drugs?” No answer. I unlocked the main part of the case. They asked me to unlock the side pocket. I thought oh crap I haven’t got the key. I told them I didn’t have the key with me because I never use that part of the case. Well you can imagine the look on their faces. She is hiding something, we have got her! So I said to them “you are welcome to break the lock or cut if with bolt cutters.”  Immediately someone went off to get something to open it. In the meantime a sniffer dog who was obviously still feeding pups, with swollen teats was called in to sniff my bag. They opened the case and the dog got inside the case amongst my clothes and underwear. It sniffed around then walked away. Not happy with that they main guy called it back telling it to check again. This time the dog scratched the bottom of the bag and around the edges then walked away again. They then broke the zip on the side of the bag. They didn’t have bolt cutter. They couldn’t find anything in the side compartment it was empty. Again they called her back, so then she jumped in the middle of the case and started to lift things out with her mouth and mouthed her teeth around the edges of the bag. She picked up one of my shoes and flung it in the air. Then she picked up my umbrella and began shaking it vigorously back and forth. The security officer took it off her. Not satisfied the dog had done the job properly they then lifted each item one by one out of the suitcase. How embarrassing! Not just one person but 15 young guys looking at my underwear. They came across a usb stick I had. The guy immediately had a look of “this is it we have got her!” I said it was an Arabic language course. You can check it in your computer if you like. I then realised they thought I had explosives in my case.  They asked me what the stain was on the lid of the case. I said if you smell it you will smell perfume. I bought a bottle of perfume which must have exploded in the air, because when I arrived home it had all evaporated. The bottle was empty. Finally they conceded that was what it must be. The explosion of the perfume must have left residue that looked like an explosive device. They said they would just run the case under the xray machine one more time. So off we went to the xray machine. They all starred at the xray then they enlarged the picture, looked at me a few times. I just kept smiling and shrugging my shoulders. One of the guys proceeded to leave. Then the lady who escorted me said they have found nothing. She said sorry for the inconvenience and that she hoped I would come back to Colombo. Then a guy came up to me and apologised. I said that’s OK its good that you are so thorough at least I know I will be safe on the flight. Its good that you are doing your job and protecting us from any bombs. They said “You are a very nice lady”. I knew I had nothing to be worried about. So then I was taken back to the departure gate just in time to catch our flight.

We had a great flight with an upgrade and fantastic service on the plane. A photographer took our photo and asked us to write about the service. We made it into the local newspaper.


When we got off the plane we were greeted and handed a free booklet all about the Seychelles. There was a big cake and cocktails waiting for us. Along with festive dancing. It was a great party atmosphere.

We got our taxi to PIEDS DANS L’EAU where we were staying for the holiday. We were greeted with a glass of bubbly. Very nice!!!

The accommodation was fabulous. We had a lovely balcony which we would sit out on around 5pm for a Gin & Tonic every evening after our swim. The staff were very attentive and gave us treats when we were in the lounge area reading or using the wifi. They would bring us drinks and nibbies without charging us. They became like an extended family. Marie-Noelle the manager was very friendly and helpful in organising tours etc…  The Chef Marcus a young guy was so talented with his creations. Everything was delicious and different.  Russell caught some fish which Marcus cooked for us. It was out of this world.

There are many things to do and places to go. We went to La Pralin island and La Digue island. The people are very friendly and speak English, Creole and French. We loved to go to the beach and watch the families on Sundays with their picincs. The children are gorgeous. We will be going back!!!  Seychelles go to these links.






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