Silver Sands Beach

Silver Sands BeachHaving not been to the beach yet here, I was madly rushing around packing a bag, snacks, drink, hat, bathers, towel, sunglasses, flip flops, “where’s the sunscreen?”  I looked everywhere only to discover we didn’t have any. ( or maybe Russ took it with him, as he is away for a couple of days in the desert - his fault). So a quick dash to the compound store to find the strongest sunscreen I could.  50+ great I am all set.  Its 9.25am so I  quickly put my abaya on over my bathers from Debenhams, rush out of the house to get on the compound bus only to find that I am 15 mins early.  Oh well  deep breath I can relax now.

The bus  is full with many dressed in casual beach wear.  Lovely colourful outfits, orange, pink, green, blue, everything but black.  All the curtains are pulled across so that no one can stare at us on the road.  It is a good 45 mins or more to the beach.  Along the way we see many mansions standing alone surrounded by sand.  No trees, or shrubs, just desert.  We are all excited, especially the children as it is the beginning of the school holidays for some schools.

As we are nearing the Silver Sands Beach suddenly there are trees and greenery and shade.  We pull into the Silver Sands Beach compound ready to enter.  The guard comes to collect the money from us.  Sadly we were disappointed as we all were led to believe by our weekly newsletter that it was 50SR. Not so they had put it up to 100RA.  Somebody forgot to tell our management! After a bit of discussion we all agreed to pay the price and enjoy the day.

silver sands 2We all got out and proceeded to go towards the beach.  What a welcoming sight it was.  Absolutely beautiful.  Pristine beach, white sand and the water looked sooo inviting.  A turquoise blue/green just like you see in the Mediterranean travel magazines.  It felt like we were on a tropical island with a lovely gentle breeze cooling us.  We found lazy lounge chairs to lay down on and tables with umbrella’s to shelter under.  Grass cabana’s were everywhere.  It was magic.  There was a nice tuck shop there to get freshly made coffee, sandwiches, croissants and snacks.  Lots of delicious cool fruit drinks.

Muslim LadyThere were a few Muslim families there.  Normally this beach is for westerners only.  They looked so hot with their outfit on.  Kind of looks like a loose rashy- wet suit, with a matching hat/scarf.  Some go in trousers/long tops and scarves.  At beaches where Saudi’s go they wear an Abaya into the water.

This beach is for Western Expats, Single males are not allowed here. Families and women only. Usually abyas  are allowed on the beach.

It was a very relaxing, enjoyable day. I do not know the phone number.

For more information about Silver Sands Beach you can go to the following websites.




Silver Sands Beach


  • Leila says:


    My name is Leila and I come from Bosnia (Europe). I’ll be in Jeddah with my daughter for a week and would love to spend a day at this lovely beach. How can I find it? Would you please give me their contact number? You can email me at [email protected]. Can I contact you in Jeddah when we arrive?

    Best wishes,


  • Lydie Tucker says:


    My husband is a British expat currently working in Jeddah. As a single western expat would he be allowed on the beach? He has only been in Jeddah for a month and is struggling to find information. He lives in Sierra Village. Thanks on his behalf. Lydie

    • Hi Lydie, As far as I am aware this beach is only for families and women. I suggest he look up these blogs for more information.

      There are some clubs on these where he can get to know other expats and find out what is going on. The facebook one is for tours run by a lovely young man Bander.

      Hope this helps - Lyn

      • Lydie Tucker says:

        Thanks Lyn, this is very helpful. I will forward the links to him. Thanks again. Lydie

  • Needing a beach says:

    Hi, my wife and I just arrived to Jeddah 3 weeks ago. I’m from Maryland, and my wife is a permanent US resident, who is originally from Colombia. We would like to go to Silver Sands beach. We live on a nice compound close to Thuwal. Please send me email with details how to get there to the following address: [email protected], you can call my T-Mobile line: 1-301-377-9379
    Jeddah house land line: 8028313.

    How much does it cost?
    What are the transportation options to get there?
    Where is it located?


    • Hi There, You can find details on the bottom of the blog. Please go to those sites for more info. If your compound has a bus, ask them to take you there. Thats if they have permission to go there. Otherwise by taxi or your own vehicle.

  • AHmed says:


    I am a local Muslim foreigner who does not live in a compound , what are the other requirements to enter.

    and what is the entry fees for a member or non member. moreover i need the correct phone #

    Thank you

    Ahmed (0567511678)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi there,
    I’m not living in compound; is it okay to go to Silver Sands Beach ?? I’m from Egypt.

  • Mohammed says:

    Iam batchlors and not living in compound want to go this beach and iam Muslim does iam allowed to go and charges and do I can swim in water and do I allowed to take my food inside great thanks

    • Hi Mohammed, I don’t think there is a problem with taking food. Many take their own food and have a picnic. Perhaps you could ring the number to find out any other requirements. As far as I can ascertain you would be ok to go there.

  • Glad you like it. I have a plug in I used for mobile uploads. - Lyn

  • adam says:

    well is there any membership and how we can get this one if anybody have an idea
    please guys i really need your help

    • Some say you can just go to Silver Sands and pay the fee at the gate. make sure you take your Igama. There is a site with details here.
      and also here:
      hope this helps,

  • Samira Faye Rasco Mangondato says:

    Hi! I would love to visit this beach with friends. Do you have their contact details?! Thank you.

  • lista de email says:

    you are definitely a great writer, i will follow you.

  • Gregory Ninow says:

    I have been in Jeddah for a week and can not find expat beaches. I heard about Silver Sands, from a Saudi at the park Hyatt Hotel. Are there any directions/maps to get there. I would love to visit this coming week, and am in Jeddah for only 3 more weeks before heading back to the States.
    Greg Ninow 059 308 2569

    • Butterflies & Rainbows says:

      Hi Greg,

      I tried to call your mobile but it was switched off. Silver sand s beach is at Obhur, it is part of a resort there. We are allowed access due to living in a compound. Not sure how you would gain access. It doesn’t show up on the map as Silver Sands Beach. The locals call it that.


  • Rachel says:

    Just discovered your blog its very interesting, the beach looks lovely.

    I am a British woman, just spent 3 years in the UAE, prior to that spent 18 months in Libya and am newly arrived in Jeddah. My husband and I hope to move into our accomodation in the next week or two, then I will be looking to get myself involved with meeting other expat ladies. Would it be possible for you to send me a personal message with any information you might be able to share with me?

    Many Thanks.


  • gil says:

    Omg! i love the beach, very tropical-ish! Made me want to visit and experience silver sands myself real soon.

    Enjoyed your blog. It’s really nice to document and keep an online diary thru blog, to know where we have been, with or without readership. Good comments and suggestions are just a bonus.

    Keep them coming!


    • Butterflies & Rainbows says:

      Thanks, yes it is good to blog as a journal because you quickly forget what it was like to be a newcomer.

  • Suraya says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog.
    I will be coming to Jeddah in a months time.
    I would like to make contact with other expats, how do I go about it ?


    • Butterflies & Rainbows says:

      Great we will look forward to meeting you. Let me know some more about yourself, then I can put you in touch with other expats.

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