“Spain” - The Annual Feria in Seville

Had a great time catching up with and staying with my friend Chris and her hubby in Deavon in the Uk. The weather was cool and all the trees and hedges were dark and bare with some tiny buds on, getting ready to start sprouting new leaves.
The magnolia’s were starting to bloom in the last week I was there. Bluebells were popping up between the daffodils and tulips. A hint of “SPRING” was in the air. Sad I couldn’t be there to see all the flowers bloom, but alas it was time to leave.

Now I was ready for the next exciting chapter in our lives “Seville.”

Russell was already in Seville and had been there for a couple of days. He was staying with friends. He had sent me text messages saying how much I was going to love it there. He was like a child with a new toy. Very excited and wanted me to share in the fun.

Having left cool, wet weather in the UK, I arrived on the Sunday to find a cool and overcast day in Seville. I immediately thought “Where is the SUN???” Dressed in a short sleeve floral summer top, blue jeans and sandles, was not quite right. Everywhere I looked women and men were dressed in warm winter clothes with scarves and boots. OOPPS! So I fished around in my hand luggage to find my black winter jacket and floral scarf, which didn’t exactly go with what I had on but “hey” it was cold.

Russell was waiting at the airport to meet me. Within a short while we arrived at his friends home. It is a beautiful old Spanish Riad style home. Three floors high and a traditional tiled terrace on the roof. On the ground floor was a giant full length courtyard which was in the centre of the house. It went from the ground floor to the top of the building with glass panels on the roof. They had sliding windows on the sides. Hanging on the walls were long trailing green plants and creepers. Little colourful pot plants were hanging  all up and down the walls. I began to wonder how would you water them. I found out later. The guest room and bathroom was on the ground floor. The next floor was the kitchen, family and dining area. The third floor had two bedrooms and a bathroom. Then at the top of the tiled winding staircase was the roof or terrace where there was an outdoor kitchen with BBQ, a sofa and table and chairs. Lots of healthy pot plants and pretty tiles on the walls. The courtyard kept it nice and cool by allowing the hot air to escape through the roof. It was a wonderful place to stay, close to so many things including the City Centre of Seville

The Feria (fair) is an annual event in Seville where everyone gets dressed up in traditional clothes. Women go to great lengths to get their Flamenco Dresses and accessories. Sonja helped me to find a Flamenco dress,  so that I could join in the fun. The first dress I tried on would not go over my hips. The shop assistant said to my friend “tell her she needs to step into it not put it over her head.” I was on another learning curve, the dresses are narrow at the bottom. I did as she said and stepped into it and tried to pull it up, but it was still too tight. The next dress fitted which was good as I am not one to keep trying on clothes, I really don’t like clothes shopping. I tried one more which didn’t fit so I decided to stick with the one that did. Job done!

We set off in our dresses towards the fair ground. In the streets as we walked along everywhere you looked there were women dressed up to the nines in their Flamenco dresses. They were stunning. Some of the men also wore suits and traditional outfits while riding on horses.

The horses were all beautifully groomed with dressage and bells around them. There were  women sitting in horse drawn carriages being taken to the Feria. It was truly magnificent to see.

At the entrance to the Seville Feria a giant archway had been created especially for the occasion. Each year they craft a new design for the archway. As you go inside the cobbled stone streets are lined by tents of all sizes. These are called Caseta’s. This is where people go to talk, eat, drink, dance and sing. Basically enjoy catching up with friends and watching the entertainment. Each interior of the Caseta is decorated differently with flowers, pot plants, and all sorts of decor.  We managed to get into one and after a bit of a wait to sit down. Then we were able to sample the Tapas dishes with some good wine and beer. I managed to get a few shots of the different tapas dishes being served. The people didn’t seem to mind me asking if I could take a photo in my gesturing spanish, hands waving madly. In fact one guy offered me a piece of a tapas dish. A lot of the dishes are fried in olive oil. Such as onion rings, squid, potatoes, meats, cheeses. Very moorish! I also asked some ladies if I could take their photo. They were happy to oblige.

It was lovely to watch the Andalusian horses prancing as they walked along the streets. Hearing the little bells around them reminded me of sleigh bells of the reindeer’s at Christmas time.(in the cold winter countries where there they have snow of course.) Definitely not Saudi!!!

I took some snaps of some things that made me smile.

At the far end of the grounds were all the rides. Some of them looked pretty scary!!! Not for the faint hearted. That didn’t seem to worry anyone. People everywhere.
So glad I was here in time to experience this. What a carnival atmosphere it was. A great day.



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