Stick and Bits Fibre Art Quilting Course - Jeddah

Stick and Bits Fibre Art Quilting Course - Jeddah

Art Quilt done by Chris.

Chris from our compound is experienced at creating “Art Quilts“. What are Art Quilts? I hear you ask. Many people think they are blocks of material that are joined together with stitching to make a quilt that goes on a bed.  That is traditional quilting.

Art quilting is very different. It is a way of creating a piece of Art or a picture. This is done by layering and sticking bits of material, fibre and decorations onto a background piece of cloth to make a work of art. Then you quilt through the layers to get different effects. It produces stunning results that can be hung up on the wall.

We managed to talk Chris into conducting a class for 3 mornings to teach us how to construct such an Art Quilt. It was great everyone learned a lot and enjoyed it. Living in Jeddah is fun.


Stick And Bits Fibre Art Quilting Course - Jeddah


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