SULTANATE OF OMAN the best kept secret of the middle east!

DSC03099What a beautiful place Oman is. The minute we arrived we were greeted at the airport with warm friendly smiles from the Oman airport staff. The airport was spotless, no pushing and shoving to get in the queues to be processed. Signs were easy to read. Plenty of willing smiling staff ready to assist you.  It was a dream. Oman is not what I expected of an another Arab country. Our taxi driver was there to meet us with smiles and a welcome. His driving was excellent, no tooting of horns or cutting in front of other cars. Omani drivers moved over into the slow lane to let the faster cars pass. No squeezing 4 cars into 3 lanes or 3 cars into 2 lanes.  As we drove along there was no rubbish on the roadsides or anywhere, not even a cigarette but, no cats climbing in bins or walking around maimed and injured.  A refreshing change.

We were taken to the Millenium Resort which was an hour away from the airport. Wow! It was beautiful, so clean, not a bit of rubbish anywhere with lovely green gardens and trees. It had specially been designed to host a yacht competition back in 2011. So the beach consisted of an made marina specially built so that the yachts could beach on the shore of the resort. Either side of the marina were swimming beaches.

As we arrived one of the staff came to get our bags. Inside the resort it was tastefully decorated with many geometric Islamic designs on the walls. We were on the 5th floor overlooking the Marina and beach. Just beautiful! Here is the view from our window.

The staff and service was excellent. The meals were 1st class with a huge variety of food to choose from. The dining area was well presented and overlooked the marina


The people of Oman were very friendly and warm. Fiercely proud of their country. Expat women don’t have to wear an abaya or scarf. Most places men and women can go together in restaurants, cafes… The men wear a dish dasher  with a tassel sewn on the front of neckline, which is scented with perfume. They also wear coloured turbans. When they are in formal wear they can be seen with a dagger at the front. Women wearing traditional garments are brightly coloured. Women are allowed to work in fact encouraged to work.

We visited many places such as Nizwa Forte


Wadi Shab

Muscat Souqs, Mosques, Corniche, Museums

Sultans Boat







Forte and Mosque



Military Museum













Very old Forte with an aquifer built into it at the back.






A mini flood in one of the villages.






While we were at the Melenium the clerics (mutawaa/fatura) of  The Ministry of Endowment were staying there for a seminar. A lot of them were friendly and happy to say hello.  Some were a bit hesitant and wouldn’t get in the lift with me. Mainly the younger ones. Scared of repercussions I guess. On the last day I went up to one of the men who was traditionally dressed to ask if I could take a photo for my blog. He said yes certainly.

Our last night in Oman we went on a Dough boat with Omani’s. Very enjoyable. A little girl who didn’t speak much came and sat on my lap.











There is so many things to do and see. We will definitely be going back to explore more of this wonderful country.


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