“The Kandahar” Restaurant at Jeddah Trident Hotel

IMAG0501Earlier in the year our compound held a Valentines Party. We were fortunate enough to win tickets for 2 to dinner at the  Jeddah Trident Hotel Restaurant. The tickets expire on 31st May so we thought we better go soon.  Yesterday we set off in the taxi with some friends to share our winning tickets, so instead of paying for four meals we shared the costs for two.

The restaurant is in Old Jeddah, in  Balad it is called “The Kandahar” and is an Indian restaurant on the first floor of the Hotel.

We were warmly greeted by Ibrahim Al Komey the manager of the restaurant in the lobby. He is standing here next to a table with many different sweets and desserts, such as mousse, jelly,creme brulee,  cheesecake, cakes, biscuits, rice…

We followed him past the food to a private screened off area of the restaurant where there were about 4 table settings. It is quite a large restaurant  with different seated eating areas.

The meal is a buffet style with a lot of various fresh salads, sauces and condiments on one side. The other side is where all the cooking is done.

You can see the Chef cooking the variety of delicious dishes. Also on this side is where all the hot dishes are available in Bain Maries . There is a large assortment of mouth watering dishes to choose from. Lamb, fish, chicken, beef, soups. They cater for a wide range of taste buds.

We had a very pleasant evening chatting and eating very yummy good food.

Thank you Ibrahim and staff for making our evening an enjoyable one. The service was excellent as was the food.

Unfortunately I left my camera at home so I had to use the mobile camera so I apologies for the photo quality of these pictures.


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