Traditional Handicrafts Souq Tour

handicraftsHad a lovely morning at the Traditional Handicrafts Souq. A number of us ladies, went on the compound bus, to meet up with our tour guide Bander, from Nomad Arabian Tours.

We had a bit of a hiccup with finding the meeting place, as you do here in Jeddah. Bander and two other young men who did not speak any English were there to meet us.  They provided us with coffee and water on our arrival.

Bander told us which shops we would be going into on the way back as we wandered leisurely towards the end of the street. There was a lot of rubbish and rotting food dumped in piles on the ground, along with a very unpleasant odour. Bander apologised for the smell, saying that hopefully with more tours it will help to encourage the shops to improve the rubbish removal.

Bander on the right

Along the way we stopped at an Afgany bakery, they gave us some of the round flat bread to eat. It was about an inch thick and tasted like Australian white bread. Hubby really liked it. We had some after dinner with jam on. Yummy!!!

Next door to the bakery were some men cooking chicken and some other food in big earthen clay cauldrons.

When we got to the end of the street we made our way back stopping, and SHOPPING at the various shops along the way.  Firstly we saw many handicrafts, pots, baskets, jars, targines…

Fresh fruit,vegies, spices, lollies and some sort of fruit/nut being sold by African women that stains your teeth brown and supposedly gives one a buzz.

There were traditional handmade Bedouin silk rugs, cushions, tablecloths, tapestries, clothes, scarves. The colours were vibrant and they looked stunning.  Wonderful curved hand painted furniture, exquisite jewellery, trinkets, ornate teapots, lamp shades…  The two young men were kept busy carrying all our shopping bags.  We finally arrived back at the bus with arms full of goodies and purses a lot lighter. It was a great day out thanks to Lisa who arranged it all.










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